Devil May Cry’s Sex Scene – Gestures at God of War

The Devil May Cry series has produced its very first sex scene (embedded below – graphic/gross, NSFW warning) and it’s already sparked a fair share of derision among longtime fans of the series.

Many are calling the scene a pointless grasp at the attention only sex could bring, but despite the obvious head nod to the God of War series, I don’t think the cutscene is going to manage to speak out to the desperate pre-pubescent demographic in the same way a hot coffee spilling sip of Grand Theft Auto allegedly does.

Some fans are arguing that the cutscene is a disgusting attempt to try to make Devil May Cry more “mature.” This is a more easily validated point, DmC generally seems to be going for a crude, in your face adult rating – so this purposefully repulsive, sloppy pelvis thrusting doesn’t seem like too far of a shot from what we’ve seen of the controversial series re-imagining thus far.

What do you think about Devil May Cry’s sex scene? Is it horrible, or just about what you’d expect at this point?


Source: psls

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