Angry Birds – The Movie?

Angry Birds Movie

It appears that the Angry Birds phenomena will take its war against the hideous army of stationary green pigs to a theater near you. The game’s creators, Rovio Entertainment have hired producers for what will be a 3D computer-generated full-length film.

After an explosion of merchandise and even a union with the monolithic Star Wars brand, Rovio’s app-attacking avians will have the summer of 2016 targeted for their inevitable collision with the big screen. The Finland-based company has reportedly brought Despicable Me producer, John Cohen on board and executive producer, David Maisel, who has worked on Marvel’s Avengers solo films like Iron Man 1 & 2ThorThe Incredible Hulk, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

While your touchscreen finger will thankfully get a rest, what could Angry Birds bring to the box-office? (Without smashing it.)

Executive producer, David Maisel briefly describes the creative goals for the film:

“It has to be everything that you’d expect from an Angry Birds movie as a fan of the game, plus so much more with surprises, innovative things and twists,” said Maisel. “It’s something that we’ve worked already a lot on and we will over the next few years. It’s an experience that you’ll say, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect that.’ ”

At this point, barring a “kidnapped eggs” plot, expectations are still somewhat of a blank slate. However, the slingshot swine-slayers will clearly need to pull off the whole “angry” part throughout the whole film if they expect to live up to the name. It will be interesting to see how that gets accomplished in an animated family-friendly feature like this.

Produced and financed entirely by Rovio, this first leap into the film industry will cement the Angry Birds brand as a true multimedia presence. Given its degree of success, it could lead to app games giving comic books a run for their money as movie source material.



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