dasai kuru

Seriously, how did I miss something like Bravely Default: Flying Fairy? Besides being the unofficial winner of best Engrish title of the year, the game looks great (I’m a sucker for distinct artwork). It has that Final Fantasy Tactics/XII look to it which I love. It’s supposedly the spiritual sequel to Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, and I’m pretty sure most of us kind of just shrugged that one off…

The game has some serious hype, not just from the JRPG crowd, but even them big-name game reviewing sites. That collector’s edition is making the fans drool all over the place (or just me?). I’ve been spouting how great Ni no Kuni is, but with Bravely Default out now, this will surely put JRPGs back in line.

I am definitely keeping my eye on this one, and crossing my fingers for a release outside of Japan. And if…

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