The Phantom Pain is Probably Metal Gear Solid V


Kojima is such a tease, he’d be one hell of good burlesque dancer. It looks like newly-announced The Phantom Pain is most likely Metal Gear Solid V.

To start, the protagonist looks a lot like Snake or Big Boss, but we have more conclusive evidence. As pointed out by PSLS reader Cigarley, the Moby Dick Games Studio website claims it was founded by Joakim Mogren, an anagram for Kojima and m’Ogre’n. So it’s most certainly MGS, but couldn’t it be Ground Zeroes? VGA producer Geoff Keighley says otherwise:

Then you have the fact that the game’s logo has holes and lines that allowMetal Gear Solid V to fit perfectly, as you can see above. Here’s what it looked like originally:

mgs V

And, finally, the original Ground Zeroes teaser image said this:


Two phantoms. Two. And phantoms = Phantom Pain. I see what you’re doing there, Kojima-san…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: Playstationlifestyle

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