Gaikai: Will Put “Console-Quality Video Games on any Device”-with Ads

Running a cloud service isn’t cheap – you need to have a ton of consoles all set up waiting for people to play them at any given time. Then you need to power them, have crazy fast internet and fight off hackers and bugs. Sony is set to face all of these problems when they launch their PlayStation cloud service, currently titled Gaikai. To help cover the costs, it looks like they’re going to include some ads.

Gaikai job listing for a Web Developer that PSLS has uncovered states:

As a part of Sony Computer Entertainment, Gaikai is leading the cloud gaming revolution, putting console-quality video games on any device, from TVs to consoles to mobile devices and beyond.

To support this effort, we’re building robust web services and back-end systems, including content/catalog management, recommendation engines, social network integration, reporting dashboards, ad serving and more.

The real question is how exactly these ads will be shown. In the corner while you surf around the NeXtgenMB UI? Or perhaps, more annoying ads that make you watch a video before you play a game.

Console-quality games on any device is something we’re all certainly looking forward to, and something we’ve extensively covered in previous Gaikai scoops, although one must wonder how exactly they plan to make games where you need to be able to see a lot of detail still work on a tiny screen.

Are you comfortable with ads? Spout off in the comments below.


Source: playstationlifestyle

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