The Hidden Secrets Pack Coming To Assassin’s Creed III Today, Includes 3 New Missions

Assassin's Creed Hidden Secrets pack

When the PlayStation Store updates later today, it will come with the first piece of Assassin’s Creed III DLC included in the Season Pass – The Hidden Secrets. Non-Season Pass owners will then be able to get access to the pack next week, at a price of $9.99.

The Hidden Secrets will come with three new missions – the Lost Mayan Ruins, the Ghost of War, and a Dangerous Secret. They will add up to an extra hour of gameplay, taking you to places such as the Mayan ruins and the ocean. Then once you manage to beat each mission, you’ll receive extra in-game weapons.

Also included within the DLC pack will be the following:

Two single-player costumes including the fabled Captain of the Aquila uniform and the traditional Colonial Assassin outfit

Two multiplayer characters including the fearsome Redcoat and the deadly Sharpshooter

Looking ahead to the future, The Tyranny of King Washington single player campaign and The Battle Hardened pack will be coming toAssassin’s Creed III very soon.

Are you excited for some more ACIII missions? Let us know in the comments below.



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