Splash Damage reveals new shooter Dirty Bomb with teaser trailer

Splash Damage has revealed it’s working on three multiplayer games which will be published by WarChest, a new company co-founded by the studio’s CEO, Paul Wedgwood.

Studio working on three multiplayer titles for iOS, PC-only, and consoles

The Brink developer has released a teaser trailer for new PC-only multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb, which is powered by Unreal Engine and appears to be set in London, based on the image below.


Dirty Bomb Screenshot

The studio is also making a game for consoles, but its next release will be the newly announced RAD Soldiers, “referred to internally as ‘Guns with Friends'”, on iOS devices in June 2013.A press release describes WarChest as a publisher of “free digitally distributed games with high production values for all leading platforms”.

WarChest CEO Wedgwood said: “Gamers should be free to switch devices at will without leaving their favourite game universe and friends behind. Our strategy delivers meaningful experiences that contribute to player engagement and advancement, irrespective of their physical location.

“For WarChest’s games, our goal is connectedness – you might battle your friends via your smartphone or tablet in a turn-based tactics game during your commute, connect with them on your PC once you’re home, sneak into their base in their absence while playing on your console, and then share cool technology with them from your desktop browser at work.”

Source: CVG 

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