Vaas’ Voice Actor Spilled Real Life Heartbreak Into his Far Cry 3 Performance

Far Cry 3

Aside from the beautiful lush island environment, the main marketing point used to promote Far Cry 3 is the game’s aggressively anti-social antagonist Vaas Montenegro. Gamer Euphoria interviewed Michael Mando (the voice of Vaas Montenegro) and found out the rather interesting inspiration behind Mando’s captivating performance.

When questioned about the difficulty in portraying a character as dark as Vaas Montenegro, Michael Mando admitted:

Vaas was heavily inspired by a hard and emotional period I was going through in my life. I was coming out of a relationship and was feeling very broken and confused. So I guess in a way, I didn’t go to Vaas, Vaas was in me at the time and Ubisoft gave me the green light to let him out. It was nice to be given such freedom.

Mando later elaborated on the freedom such a role permitted him:

Like I said, I had fallen in love for the first time. I was also heartbroken for the first time…or maybe the second time. In real life no one ever expresses himself with such violence, or so crudely – and if you tried, they would lock your ass up before you could even utter “insanity.” The great thing about this part is that it lets me express all of what I was going through, and everyone forgave me after each take. So it’s not so much that I took him home, but that I was anxious to shoot so I could get him out.

Far Cry 3

It’s important to have an outlet to express your emotions, and true feelings. Mando was lucky to have such a great platform to let his pain bubble out – while making money in the process.

Are you planning on picking up Far Cry 3 on December 4th, and witnessing Mando’s emotional performance? Sound off in the comments.


Source: playstationlifestyle

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