Wii U ‘upscales original Wii games’ to HD

Classic titles reportedly look much better on new hardware

US Wii U owners are reporting that, contrary to claims from Nintendo, the newly released console upscales original Wii games to be displayed in HD resolution.

Wii U Screenshot

While Wii games aren’t displayed in native 1080p, they are cleaned up and noticeably sharper when played on the Wii U

Upscaling involves stretching an image out from its original resolution to a higher resolution. Although upscaled images don’t necessarily contain more detail, rough edges are smoothed out and additional touch-ups such as blur are applied to make an image look better.

In June, Nintendo PR head Mark Franklin reportedly said Wii games will play on the Wii U ‘exactly as they do’ on Wii. As the video below illustrates, apparently this is not the case.

Source: CVG

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