Reggie Wants Grand Theft Auto V On Wii U

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told MTV that he would love to see the Grand Theft Auto franchise come to Wii U. However, Take-Two chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick said that he was incredibly skeptical about the console, when he spoke to journalists back in June. Here’s what Reggie had to say about Grand Theft Auto V and Wii U.

“The folks there have said very nice public comments about the Wii U.”

“In the end, it is Nintendo’s responsibility to have a large installed base, to have development tools that help the developers and publishers create great content, and essentially create an environment where teams like Rockstar can bring their very best content to our platform, and if we do that hopefully the very best content throughout the entire industry will show up on Wii U.”


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