Playstation 4 features revealed, PS4 not backwards compatible for PS3

PS 4

As we speak, the Playstation 4 is a system that is undoubtedly under development, and with that said, a quite revealing report was recently brought to light that revealed some unexpected things about Sony‘s next gaming console.

According to a report from Digital Trends yesterday, the Playstation 4, Orbis or whatever it is rumored to be called is uncertain, however; the two aforementioned names have been ruled out, according to sources.

For those who are wondering why this change is coming to a brand that has been in existence for years, it’s apparently because, “The Japanese word for 4 is ‘shi,’ which also happens to mean death.

“While it might seem silly to break from nearly two decades of successful branding because a two words sound alike, it’s important to remember how branding has negatively affected the Xbox and Xbox 360 in Japan. Where ‘X’ marks the spot in the US, it’s a negative sign in Japanese culture.”

For brevity and identification purposes though, the system will still be referred to as the Playstation 4 or Orbis, until a new name is brought out from Sony.

The quality of games will resemble content already seen from games like “Star Wars 1313” and “Watch Dogs.”

Supposedly, these games will not be running in 4K resolution and the only way that feature will make it onto the system is if it’s utilized only for videos.


Above all of this, the most surprising detail to come out of this report is the claim that PS4 will not be backwards compatible with Playstation 3 and its Blu-Ray games.

The alternative for playing PS3 games on Sony’s next system would be to go through their newly acquired cloud-gaming service Gaikai.

There was no mention of whether or not previously purchased PS3 games will have to be bought all over again on Gaikai.

Of all these new details, which is most surprising to you?


Source: Examiner

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