Bricked Wii U Count Increases Due To Impatient Software Updaters

The first thing many people noticed when first plugging in their shiny new Nintendo Wii U and powering it on was how long the initial software update took. Many people waited 1 to 2 hours for the download to complete. This is no surprise as launch hype was high and Nintendo’s servers were likely being pounded.

Public service announcement: do NOT restart or turn off your WiiU during the initial software upgrade. Many users did exactly that, probably assuming their system froze, Wi-Fi was messed up, or something else, but apparently these users are now enjoying a very heavy paperweight: their WiiUs are bricked.

Patience is a virtue, people. Whether you’re downloading updates to your phone, updates to your PC, or updates to anything else… we always see the, “Do not restart or power off your device during the installation/upgrade process.”?  It’s pretty much common sense, but I guess the anticipation and excitement has gotten the best of many Nintendo fans.

Just wanted to share this experience with you in hopes that I can save the lives of so many WiiU consoles that may find themselves endangered due to unknowing or incompetent owners.

[WiiUForums via vr-zone]

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