Black Ops II Bug Crashes Old Fat PS3s, Restore Required

Where’s the love for Sony’s PS3?

fat PS3 crash on Black Ops 2

Call of Duty games are notoriously bug infested and crash prone, with the short development time of 2 years meaning that only a small amount of it is spent on polishing and bug testing. Plus, the fact that record breaking numbers of gamers play the titles religiously means that a problem that only affects a few percent of CoD players still affects a huge number of people.

With Black Ops II having released earlier this week, connectivity and freezing issues have already struck, but now it appears another problem is hitting people with fat old PS3s. Huge numbers of people with original PS3s are seeing their consoles repeatedly shut down after a few minutes of playtime, often forcing a complete restore, even though they can play other games perfectly normally.

Users have taken to the Activision and PS forums to complain, with some saying that installing texture packs increases the time before it crashes by a few minutes (yaay). An Activision employee on Activision Assist answered to complaints that they were only focusing on the connection issues:

We are investigating both issues. Ultimately, it could be a connection between the two. All we can ask for is your continued patience while we look into this matter.

You can see the problem on YouTube here.

Do you have this problem? Let us know in the comments below, or if you’ve found a fix.


Source: Playstationlifestyle

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