Rockstar: Celebrities in GTA 5 would ‘become a distraction’

Dan Houser explains why there’s no place for famous faces in GTA V:

Rockstar has explained why the studio is not featuring big name talent as central characters in Grand Theft Auto V.

Speaking in the latest issue of Game Informer, Dan Houser said the issue is both logistical and philosophical.

Grand Theft Auto V

“We’ve done two or three movie shoots for this game spread out through various three week shoots,” explained Houser. “I don’t think there would be many celebrities that would be available even if we wanted to spend the money on them for the amount that we’ve used them for.”

“The good thing about most famous actors is they can actually act very well or they can do their shtick really well. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s the other. I think it was really useful on the PS2-era games for bringing these somewhat simplistic characters to life.”

Over the course of Rockstar’s three PS2-era GTA games the firm signed big names including Ray Liotta, who voiced Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, and Samuel L. Jackson, who played Officer Tenpenny in San Andreas.

According to Houser, the fidelity of current generation Grand Theft Auto games makes famous faces a potential burden rather than a boon.

“When we went to PS3 and 360 I think it would become a distraction if you were like, ‘Well, that’s a famous person.’ Suddenly these characters start to feel like they were alive a lot more and you need that to sell them,” he said.

“As long as you have good actors, not knowing them actually is an advantage in terms of bringing the game to life. I can’t see us moving past that for major parts in the game”.

West Coast rapper The Game is believed to be reprising his role as B Dup from San Andreas for the sequel.


Source: Computerandvideogames


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