Playing Halo 4′s Multiplayer Will Earn You Microsoft Points

Would you like earning some Microsoft Points while playing Halo 4‘s multiplayer? Of course you would! What’s even better is that it’s so simple to do.

Simply sign up to the Xbox Live Rewards program and then get online, it couldn’t be easier. As part of the scheme’s new Combat Tour Offer if you play over 35 hours in Halo 4‘s multiplayer you will earn 100 Microsoft Points, over 70 hours will net you 300 Microsoft Points and if you manage to amass over 140 hours online you will be rewarded with 600 Microsoft Points. The offer is only available until November 30.

There’s also a promotion that will refund some Microsoft Points spent on Halo content for Xbox Live Reward members. If you spend over 1500 Microsoft Points on Halo content you will be rewarded with 100 back, and if you spend 3000 and play 35 hours of multiplayer you will get 800 back.


souce: egmnow


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