Here’s How You Transfer Data From Wii To Wii U

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The instruction manual which comes with Wii U states exactly how you transfer data from your existing Wii console to your shiny new Wii U. First, you need to insert an SD card into your Wii U to initiate the process using the console’s Wii System Transfer. After doing this process you need to put the same SD card into your Wii, and download another transfer application from the Wii Shop Channel. This application will transfer data to the card that must be placed back into Wii U when prompted. This is when the Wii data is moved to Wii U and deleted from the SD card. Data that can be transferred includes:

  • Wii Software save data
  • WiiWare and save data
  • Virtual Console titles and save data
  • Add-on content
  • Wii Points
  • Wii Shop Channel activity
  • Mii characters

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