Uncharted: Fight for Fortune Rated By Australian Classification Board

The Australian Classification Board has rated a multiplatform video game called Uncharted: Fight Fortune. It is being developed by One Loop Games, a studio made up of people who have worked on previous titles like The Saboteur and God of War: Betrayal.

Based off of the multiplatform title and One Loop Games’ past with mobile titles, Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is most likely a PlayStation Mobile title and will appear on such systems as the PlayStation Vita.

As for the actual rating, it was given a ‘G’ and cited for very mild violence and drug use. Some sort of online play will also be included as it has been labelled with the ‘gaming experience may change online’ tag.

Since this is just a listing from a ratings board and not concrete evidence from Sony, we can only speculate at this point, so stay tuned for more updates on just what this is.



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