Yoshida Refuses to Commit to 2013 Release for The Last Guardian

Announced back in 2009, The Last Guardian was originally set to release in 2011. That didn’t happen. The release date was then pushed back to 2012. That hasn’t happened. So perhaps we’ll be lucky the third time around with a 2013 release date? Don’t get too hopeful.

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida wouldn’t confirm a 2013 release date for the title, saying that he didn’t want to risk disappointing fans. He told JeuxVideo (translated):

No, sorry, I can not say that … Because the last time we talked about a date for The Last Guardian, we ended up disappointing a lot of people. But I can tell you that the team is working hard on the project, including the engine. It is precisely because the team is working on the technical aspect of the game that we have nothing concrete to show you today. So now I’m waiting for the right time to introduce you to The Last Guardian and speak with confidence of a release date.

If The Last Guardian doesn’t release in 2013, but does actually come out, it’s highly possible that the game could release after the PS4 – which rumors suggest will be in late 2013. But Yoshida has squashed any notion of the title being brought out on PS4, meaning that it would be a very late PS3 release. That’s if it ever comes out.

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