Why a World where War is a Craft is keeping me from post more often.

Robin's Blog

For some time now people referred me, more than once in a while, to WoW (World of Warcraft) as being a place where a lot of gamers with autism are to be found.

Until last weekend I was able to resist the urge to check it out, but I caved and am playing it for the past few days to get the mechanics of the game.

b.t.w. I’m a:
Level 27, Male Gnome, Rogue with Alchemy/Botany as professions
at the moment of writing this post.

Although I find it a huge world, with lots of fun for me to have, grinding down the world collecting herbs, catching fish, cooking ingredients, I did not join any guild and only talked to 1 person (7 words in 2 sentences) in 4 days of play.

So I can’t say that the added effect from having other people roaming the same world is much…

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