Skeptical Plays – Guild Wars 2 [PC]

The Skeptical Hero

For the past month or so I have spent most of my free time lost within Tyria, the world of Guild Wars 2.

Having played the game non-stop, almost to the point of obsession – I can say with confidence that it is perhaps one of the most polished MMOs on the market today.  However, I am sad to report that as much as I am enjoying the game, Guild Wars 2 has somehow managed to disappoint me in oh-so-many ways.

In the original Guild Wars, developer ArenaNet had chosen to ignore all of the traditional MMO conventions, and as a result created a game that was unlike any other on the market.  It was fresh, it was bold, and it was different, utilitising a mass of concept and novel ideas that were unheard of at the time. Its multi-layered single server for example – or howabout the non-stats and non-level…

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