Multiple buyers for City of Heroes MMO?

City of Heroes is for sale folks!

Multiple Buyers interested in City Of Heroes?

A recent interview with the head of the Save  movement hints at potential rescue from third party.

When  announced that City of Heroes would be shutdown on November 30th due to a “realignment of company focus,” thousands of gamers from around the world were distraught that their favourite MMORPG was going away for good, but it seems as though there may be some light at the end of the tunnel care of several mysterious third parties.

Last week Tony Vazquez, head of the Save City of Heroes movement addressed rumors  that various parties are currently in discussions with NCsoft to buy the valuable IP, and perhaps keep servers running.

“Some people in our community have reached out to some other publishers like Valve, and Riot Games. Some of them have even reached out to Cryptic as they originally developed City of Heroes,”he explained.

“I hate to be coy about this, but I have heard that multiple publishers and developers have been interested in enquiring about City of Heroes, it isn’t just  at the table. Who? I can’t really say, but if there are they don’t talk to me directly. The more the merrier though, as the higher the number the better chance we have of another studio acquiring the IP.

Multiple Parties Interested in Buying City of Heroes

Needless to say we don’t know whether these rumors are true, but we do know that developers who were previously part of Paragon Studios are in regular contact with key members of the Save City of Heroes movement, and if anyone would know what’s really going on behind the scenes it would be them.

The sad fact is that City of Heroes is facing the threat of closure despite being popular and making a regular profit for NCsoft, which makes their decision even more perplexing. Currently it’s impossible to create new accounts for the game or to purchase Paragon Points for the in-game store yet prices for new powersets, costume pieces and other content still remain the same as they were before the closure announcement was made, which again adds more credence to the rumours that an acquisition is on the cards. Surely if the game was really going away, NCsoft would simply make everything in the store free to repay those who still play the game for their loyalty over the years, rather than withholding content for no good reason.

Perhaps the closure announcement is part of a big gamble by NCsoft to offload one of it biggest Western MMO properties to a third party for a profit, and it seems they do indeed have some takers on the table if these latest comments are to be believed.

NCsoft has refused numerous interview requests from GamerZines and MMOZine to clarify their stance regarding City of Heroes.


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