How to be a successful warrior in world of warcraft?


Warriors in world of warcraft are a very simple and yet complex classes. Even though they have no spells, they play the primary role of tanking which is very important in the party. In addition, they can destroy their enemies in a few powerful strikes and protect the other less durable players from deadly attacks at the same time. In this case, it is necessary for a warrior to learn some tips to perform better in a combat.

1 Equip yourself

First, you should get the right gear. Gear is to a warrior as spells are to a mage. You should look for the gear which gives you more strength, more stamina and more defense rating. Because strength gives you attack power, attack power gives you more DPS, and more stamina keeps you healthier which is the most important point.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to armor. So it is…

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