Hi, my name is Jason, and I’m a MMORPG addict.


My World of Warcraft story is probably pretty similar to yours. The details may be different, but the underlying events are the same. I bought the game shortly after release, making the regrettable decision to save money and not get the collector’s edition (because, well, who knows how long this shit’ll be around, right?) My now-wife went with me to Fry’s Electronics that night, so I could just-really-quick-I-promise pick it up on our way out to dinner. Had she known what the next five years would look like, she might have pulled a Vanilla Sky and driven us off a cliff, but she didn’t even know what Warcraft was (other than something that sounded FAR nerdier than any of the other games I played.)

Fast forward 4 years. I had put on around thirty pounds, was the main tank of a raiding guild pushing through Black Temple, and was playing…

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