Final Fantasy Director Interested in Developing Vita Game.


I love RPG’s and I love Square Enix. The Final Fantasy series is many things to many people but if there is one thing I believe we can all agree on is that they are makers of incredibly beautiful worlds and unique characters. Owners of Sony’s PSP had some high quality games like FF7: Crisis Core, Dissidia, FF: Type Zeroand KH: Birth By Sleep.

But what about that shiny new PS Vita? Where’s the love? Well fear not faithful ones..or just frustrated ones. Hajime Tabata, the director behind two of those big budget blockbusters, (Crisis Core, and Type Zero) has expressed interest in developing for the PlayStation Vita:

I had an impression [that] it was an exceedingly good piece of hardware. Since I [had been] making Final Fantasy titles on the PSP, I have an interest in [developing] for a larger device. As someone concerned with game production, there is nothing other than the Vita that offers that largeness, high density and luminescence, and ability to [render] high-quality images.

Let’s hope this becomes a reality. The PS Vita sorely needs more games to add to its lackluster library line up. This is a time where I agree with Nintendo’s approach. Make and publish everything you can to everyone you can. Yes it means alot of shovelware, but beggars cannot be choosers and I am sure a bigger library will appeal to many undecided buyers and parents and alot of those games will sell.

What do you think? Is the PS Vita dead already? Share your opinion with us.


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