Games people throw out.

wii,PS3,Games people throw out.

This article is about something that happened to me during the course of 2 weekends back to back just a few weeks ago. I went out to the hallway to throw out the garbage in the building I am living in and I noticed a white box beside the recycle can. I picked it up saw it was a Nintendo Wii box. It felt heavy and as I thought, nah..I opened the box and immediately saw the blue 1 and 2 boxes which hold the Wii and it’s contents. I thought, could it be that someone on my floor threw a Wii out? It probably didn’t work but still I had to verify this, so I looked around the hall to make sure no one was looking, It was around 12:30 am but still, I did not want to look like a garbage picker or worse..what my sister calls me…a (hoarder)..which is NOT true by the way. I do not own over 60 pairs of shoes 🙂

Inside the apartment I opened the box on the sofa and pulled it all out and to my surprise a Wii in plastic with cables, booklets and a senor bar BUT, no controller. I plugged it in and it started but with no controllers. I played with the eject button and a game slid out, it was Wii sports. The Wii screen came up and it seemed to be working so far, I put the Wii sports CD into the console and heard a low clicking sound as it tried to read the CD an error came up..A-Ha! It doesn’t read the CD, this is the reason for throwing it out, but I know if I got a controller I could still use the online features and watch Netflix right?

I went online to see the procedure to opening the Wii up and will post an article as soon as I get it open and let you know If I ever get it to work. Now I know what your thinking, just buy a Wii man! Its only $129 here in the States but you see, I already own a Nintendo Wii, it’s back home in Puerto Rico. I just want to see if I can get this to work without paying for repairs. I really would like to give it to my sister as a functional Wii..from her hoarder brother.The following weekend I decided to again throw out the garbage late again and this time, low and behold a PlayStation 3 box. I took it in again, looking all around to see if it was a trap. As you can see in the picture above it was a PS3 slim box but the console inside the box was in fact a PlayStation 3 Fat version.

Now had this been an old 40GB console with the front SD card slots, I would have screamed in joy, even though it probably would need repair which I would gladly pay. Just so you know, that’s the version that was backward compatible with PS2 games. Not the emulated version that came out with the Metal Gear combo but the real deal first generation PS3. This version had again all the cables, but no controllers. It started up beautifully and seemed fine. I brought it to default settings, again everything was fine and I connected by own PS3 controller which I did have. I own a slim by the way and my old fat one will not stay on for more than 5 min. Anyway….again, I slid in a game and although no error message appeared and no clicking sound was heard, it failed to load and no visible CD icon showed up on screen either.

I assume the neighbors who got rid of both systems are the same and they bought new consoles. Although these systems do not play CD’s, they are not quite un-usable since games,movies and TV shows can be downloaded from both Playstation Network and Nintendo’s own online store. Demos and music can be enjoyed also and movies on Netflix and Hulu Plus can all be watched on them without a hitch. Isn’t it amazing all the wonderful things we can do without ever putting a CD into our consoles nowadays? So you see the saying still goes..One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. As for my sibling who likes to label me a hoarder..those systems are for you with love sis 🙂

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