I Have Arrived!


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Late yesterday, I was finally able to enter Pandaria. My wait wasn’t as long as expected. When Thdoria had hearthed back to Org inbetween some archy digs, the quest to report to Grommosh Hold popped up. lol, it was like a sudden booster shot of energy and adrenilan rush all at once. She started to race for the ship off the coast. Her tactician pulled the plug though, and ordered Dufit to take the lead.

I’m kind of wierd like that I guess. Anything new or unknown, I take whoever I feel is the strongest character at the moment. Dufit, even though in cloth, is the best geared. Aygaren’s a surviver for sure, but Dufit just kills things so much quicker. And poor Thdoria is still in quest greens and mismatched blues.

So Dufit got the call and boarded the ship. Upon arrival…

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