Playstation 3 now slimmer and cheaper.

For those of you still waiting for a more affordable Playstation 3, this is as good as it gets. Just in time for Christmas, Sony announced that a new even slimmer and lighter PS3 model is coming.

The new PS3 debuted at the Tokyo Game Show. It looks similar to the original fat console but is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the current slim model.

This new console will also turn a profit for Sony as they continue to cut material costs.The new slimmer model will not use a disc-loading slot. Instead, it will operate using a disc tray. The only two front-facing USB ports are still there. Obviously there is no backward compatibility. Sony’s engineers have tried to not make the plastic look or feel too cheap either.

Sony will release the new system in two separate bundles. The first goes on sale September 25th for $270, which will include a 250GB hard drive and will include a copy of Uncharted 3 along with DLC for the game Dust 514. The second bundle hits the store shelves on October 30 with a price tag of $300, this will have a gigantic 500GB hard drive and a copy of Assassin’s Creed III. Not too bad, but I would have preferred Sony not include any game at all and lower the price even more, especially with Nintendo’s Wii U only 2 months away, now is the time for Sony to get more PS3’s in consumer hands. It will still be less expensive than a new Wii U.

Sony has stated that all current console versions will see a price cut as well in order to phase out inventories.

4 thoughts on “Playstation 3 now slimmer and cheaper.

  1. Agreed. Would’ve been nice to see a slightly lower price instead of game. I wondering is there anything else that’s different though when comparing to the old 3. It just seems Sony have put the PS3 on a weight loss programme and now it’s like this what it used to look like and now this is what I look like now, but nothing else has really changed. Whereas the Wii U you can see there’s a difference between the old and new, not just in looks but features, usability etc. I might save my cash!

    • Yes. The Wii U is a totally new system where as the new slimmer PS3 model is more of a way for Sony to continue making the system at a lower cost to them and turn a profit. They apparently aren’t giving its customers that much of a cost reduction and are pocketing the profit 100%. It’s all about business. I understand. They won’t win the console war this generation but at least they can stop or minimize the bleeding the company has seen. Those with a PS3 already might as well save their money and either get a PSVita or a
      Wii U for Christmas. I know I will.

      • A Wii U, really? A system that has only just discovered the same fucntions that consoles that PS3 and 360 gamers have experenced for years, like HD. I’ll save my money for the PS4, or whatever tedious name Sony decide to give it. Also, as attractive as the “PS3” does look, who in their right mind doesn’t already own Uncharted 3?!

      • While that might be true, don’t count Nintendo out just yet. I have high expectations for new unique gaming possibilities with their unique controller. Their first party games are also some of the best in the industry. Don’t forget, it was the basic functions of the Wii that had Sony and Microsoft copying them (Move & Kinect) to try and appeal to their market. To tell you the truth, you might as well save for a new college degree while saving for the PS4, I shutter at what price it will be released to us. I seriously hope Sony has learned from their mistakes with the $600 price tags. And yea, Uncharted 3..awesome! Cheers!

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