World of Warcraft Optimizer taking forever?


Still at 1% ?


School and work have been taking up quite a bit of my time and I have not been to Azeroth in a few months, but in anticipation of Blizzard’s new expansion coming in 4 days (Mists of Pandaria), I decided to take a gander at how my favorite online game is doing.To my surprise I was greeted with a “Mist of Pandaria Optimizer” download page. I thought, hey no big deal, it says it could take anywhere from 15-60 min. well, that couldn’t be futher from the truth. It reached 1% after about 10 min then it disconnected saying it was my internet connection, but everything was fine with my connection. I left it on all night. When I woke up all excited, it had again disconnected. I almost cursed the screen (in fact, I think I did). I searched online frantically and read forums on Blizzard’s site.It seems I was not alone. Many people were experiencing the same thing.

I contemplated installing everything again and deleting WOW from my laptop but I just did not have the patience for that. I thought to myself that it just might be some sort of file that was erased by mistake. I remembered installing and using CCleaner recently and it said it was erasing certain files. was it possible it took away something this patch needed? Possibly, or possibly not.

I decided to re-install only my Cataclysm CD which took about 20min. When it finished, I was again prompted to install the optimizer. I nervously clicked the button. I thought to myself, If this did not work, I don’t know what I was going to do?

To my surprise and relief the bar went from 0% to 8%, then on to 40% in less than 5 min. After it was done, the game still needed updates, about 15.5 GB of updates. It took too long, my connection was doing like 30-40 KB/s, after yelling at the walls and my sister’s cat for almost an hour I realized I was on WiFi. Maybe, just maybe if I used a direct connection it would help a little? Just in case anyone wants to know, I have cable internet (Road Runner) with Time Warner) I proceeded to unplug my PS3 and plugged the cable into my laptop, rebooted my PC and BAM! That baby jumped up to 145MB/s. I finished the whole download in about 2 hrs and kissed the cat, who now hides in a corner looking at me with strange curiosity.  And to think I went through all this for a bunch of fury Pandas.

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