Nintendo..Makers of Fun!

Guess what? I love Nintendo! There, I said it and I’m proud. After Atari, it was my brother who re-introduced me to gaming with the original NES back in the 80’s and after many sore thumbs, cross-eyed vision, sleepless nights and a bad cramp in my neck, I thank him and love him all the more for it. It was Super Mario Bros that did it, but then again, that did it for most of us also. I also played his Top Gun and God knows what else.

What I’m saying here is that I had fun! Sure later consoles came with better graphics, more open worlds, etc..the games evolved, but that didn’t make them fun, at least not in the same way I remember when I played a Nintendo game.

Even though the company had it’s highs and lows, I always hoped for the best, I didn’t necessarily agree with the direction they took sometimes, but those decisions are what brought us Sony’s PlayStation.

It was a failed alliance by both companies when Nintendo asked Sony to make an external CD ROM for their system, when Nintendo disagreed with Sony on the direction a CD powered only system could be and the advantages it had over cartridge based games..well, the rest is history.

I don’t believe Nintendo will die anytime soon. They made an incredible comeback with an innovative and at the time laughed at console called The Wii. They may be slow making 1st party games but when they are released, they are great. Ok, so 3rd party games are lacking..they will remedy this with the power of the Wii U, “and might surprise us all over again in the process”. I am definitely looking forward to the Wii U’s release and I’m really Hyped!I can’t wait for all those haters who criticize from other companies and those so called “analysts” eat there words..again. The Wii could not support all the newer more powerful games on the market, but they knew that when it was released, but the system still gave Microsoft and Sony a run for their money AND made them and us see games and the market differently, causing them to create their own versions of motion gaming. Also, I’m sorry.. but to the people who complain that they cater to minors? Please grow up, I thought the same way..yes “we” the older 80’s generation who grew up on Nintendo and saturday morning cartoons are older now, but that doesnt mean their market is dead…children and teens still love Nintendo and look to them for fun, cute games. Nintendo is needed in an industry that caters to us adults with so many violent and bloody games. I plan on getting a PS Vita, but I must say, after I played Mario Kart 3D and Super Mario 3D on the 3DS at the NY Comic-con last yer 2011, I was sold. I really had fun, and yea..I’ll get a 3DS also .

By the way, the top image is from the new cover for Game Informer, doesn’t it make you wanna dive right in? Nintendo dead?…I think not.
Long Live Nintendo…Makers Of FUN !

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