Era of the closed PlayStation platform over?

Back in the day, when Sony made a Playstation console or device it only played Sony approved games, remember the good ol’ days? Well now according to Sony, that mode of thinking is growing obsolete. As they are forced to rethink it’s strategy, it seems as though the era of the closed PlayStation platform is over.

Before the PS3 and PSP Vita, all Playstations played Sony Playstation games. Now we have the ability to have these consoles and devices and even PC’s talk to each other. For example, Portal 2 from Valve allowed PS3 players to play against PC players. I will also remind you though that the PS2 was first to have Final Fantasy 11 online (with its HDD) allow us to play with PC players, after which Microsoft’s  Xbox did the same.

Then there’s the purchase of cloud gaming company Gaikai. This is especially exciting to me because it suggests that Sony will be offering a streaming cloud gaming service for the Playstation 4, just like Netflix does with movies now.

In my opinion, Sony sees the future and is determined not to be in 2nd or 3rd place for the next generation of gaming. We are not simply buying a game console anymore, it’s all about the experience of being connected to everything. The stars are aligning… are you ready for the ride? I know I am.

Please click on the link to see the article by Anthony Agnello on Digital Trends.

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