With Lightning Returns, SquareEnix is finally back to the basics

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The 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series sheds some light on SquareEnix’s dark western ambitions. But before we get into the good news, let’s review the publisher’s gloomy summer.

It begins with a dismal E3, where the hellish trio Sleeping Dogs/Tomb Raider/ Hitman reigned supreme. The next-gen tech demo Agni’s Philosophy nevertheless saved the day and added some interest among SE’s terrible line-up. Then comes the summer releases. Heroes of Ruin bombed, as it didn’t even reach 100K globally. Even worse, the musical spin-off Theatrhym also did poorly, especially in the West, surely because of the obvious lack of serious art direction. In July, Kingdom Hearts 3D fares better, but remains leagues behind the Playstation episodes. Eerie rumors began to surface, like the development of FFXV or the cancellation of VersusXIII. They spread rapidly and lead to such nervosity that the CEO of SquareEnix himself had to deny…

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