A Gamer’s Wrap-up of Dragoncon 2012


For those of you that don’t know, I live in Atlanta and have for a while.  There is a huge sci-fi/fantasy/popular culture convention here every Labor Day weekend called Dragoncon, which gets an estimated attendance of 40,000-50,000.  (according to some sources)

I had never really gone to Dragoncon on a serious basis before now.  I say it that way because I had actually intended to twice.  The first time I won’t get into, but I ended up not going.  The second time I worked as a volunteer for the MMO Track, so I spent most of my time in that area.

I decided very early this year that I was attending 2012 Dragoncon no matter what.  I seriously had my babysitters lined up in February.  Anyways, I was there for three whole days and ended up completely exhausted (and sick), so it has taken me a week to get this…

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