iPhone 5, should you hold off?

Sept 12,2012 marks the day Apple will announce their new iPhone 5 and I for one am very excited. Don’t get me wrong, I love Android and believe it has many features which make it superior to iOS. A few family members have android phones and I have played with them alot, but I own an iPhone 3GS. yes, I know, quite old, in fact I’ve had it since December of 2009 when I bought it refurbished for $150 on ATT’s website. I was going to upgrade to the iPhone 4 but then heard that the 5 was coming the following year. I was disappointed  when I found out it was the iPhone 4S so I held on a little longer.

Now the wait is over…or is it?  I found out there are a few reasons why I should or could still hold off. Below are a few reasons, but I find them not strong enough to keep me on the sidelines anymore and I hope I’m right. Besides, knowing Apple, my iPhone 3GS will probably be obsolete very soon anyway.

(See link below for full article).

  • Screen: The good news is the new iPhone screen will finally grow from its humble 3.5-inch beginnings. By today’s standards, compared with such monstrous screen sizes from Android phones such as the 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone’s screen looks puny. The new iPhone could grow to 4 inches diagonally. It’s not much, but Apple sees the need to compete with those bigger Android screens.

The bad news is the screen also is rumored to change its aspect ratio, or its width in relation to its height. It will go from a more squarish screen now to a longer screen that will have a 16-by-9 ratio.

  • Connector: The new phone probably will have a new, smaller connector to connect it to a computer, doing away with the standard 32-pin connector that has been the staple for Apple’s iPhones’ for years.

As a result, any accessories you have that use that connector — such as docks, stereos, special add-on devices and more — will no longer be compatible with the new phone.

  • Cases: The new phone is going to change its size and shape because the screen is getting longer. So you’ll have to buy a new case or any other accessory into which you put the phone — another hidden cost.

If you would like to see other reasons for holding off on the new iPhone 5, check out this link. Let us know if you will be upgrading also and if not, what are your reasons?
Read more: http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/national/iphone-5-release-date-apple-aapl-5-reasons-to-delay-buying-the-new-iphone#ixzz25tB0EC7s

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